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Though people pay attention on fitness and diet, they are not aware of some mistakes they commit knowingly or unknowingly that can affect their health. These mistakes can ultimately keep them away from getting their goal weight.

Here are few advises that can be followed to avoid diet mistakes.

Skipping breakfast - A well balanced breakfast, gives you the right energy to start the day. Skipping breakfast leads to grapping of excess food during the day. Have a light simple breakfast.

Eating too many healthy foods - Pay attention to nutritious food at the same time keep a check on the calories. Many choose healthy food but eat too much of them.

Replacing meal with supplements - Supplements can give a temporary energy, but cannot substitute a healthy meal. A meal serving contains all the necessary nutrients needed for the body. Therefore, eat regular meals in addition to supplements.

Insufficient water intake - Water aids in burning calories and cuts appetite. A glass of juice has high amount of fructose in it. So, cut down on juices and drink plenty of water. This will keep the body hydrated.

No commitment - Commitment is the first rule for weight management program. Many a times we tend to give up because our body is deprived from its usual food. The solution is, you can start replacing high calorie foods with low calorie ones, before starting the diet program. This way, the body gets ready for a diet control.

Imbalanced eating habits - Many of the dieters tend to eat as much as they can in one day and choose to starve the next day. This kind of extreme dieting may lead to many health problems.

Not including exercise - Many think that a well checked diet is all that is needed to shed those extra pounds from the body. Exercise or a simple walk for 30 minutes can energize the body as well as burn calories fast.

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