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Fruit is a rich source of natural sugars and a great detoxifying food. It is more beneficial to human body when it is eaten in the correct way.If a person consumes only fruits for three days it cleanses the body toxins and helps the digestive system to slow down.

Here are some tips on how to eat fruit the right way

• Always fruits must be eaten on empty stomach.

• Don’t eat fruits after your meals.

• While drinking fruit juices drink slowly allowing it to get mixed with the saliva in the mouth itself before swallowing and always eating a fruit as a whole is much beneficial than drinking the juice.

• Leave an interval of 30 to 45 mins after eating fruit before eating any other food.

• After meals if you like to eat fruit then give a 3 hours interval between so that the food is well digested.

• Fruits help raise blood sugar. It is best to eat it at morning as it will restart the work of digestive system in the morning after a long rest at night.

• Fruits are best when eaten without other food.

• Avoid Bananas and avocados in the morning as they are heavy fruit, instead eat them afternoon.

• Eat organic fruits as it is healthier than others.

• Always avoid processed and canned fruits. It contains large amounts of sugar and other preservatives.

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