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Nutrition and Fitness » Exercise Addition – Risk factors

Exercise addition (EA) is excessively rely on exercise, continue to do exercise even when you are injured or ill, experience a withdrawal symptoms when they stop exercise. Patients with exercise addition have the anxiety of becoming overweight, physical appearance. Endrophin level raises in EA patients due to their vigorous exercise. Endrophin is a combination of 2 words, endogenous (Our body part) and morphine (Chemical). Thus the EA patients have the less awareness of physical pain, health problems and emotional feelings arising from their EA behaviour.

Risk Factors of Exercise Addiction:

1. Mainly the EA patients have eating disorders. It is called as elite-athlete triad. Especially for athletes, the low body weight may be beneficial, but the eating disorder exists. Depending on the severity EA is diagnosed.

2. The EA people can get along and feels more comfortable with their EA, because of their unlikely behaviour.

3. EA is similar to drugs addicts as they need more and more exercise to get satisfaction. They take and it will leads to lots of side effects and at times it leads to severe disorder of body function.

4. EA will lead to other medical complications too. They are spinal problems, bone fractures, tissue and muscle pain, and prolonged electrical conduction of heart with sudden death.

5. Normal exercise will strengthen our immune system but too much exercise will start working in the negative way.

6. Exercise addicted people when they miss their exercise for one or two days will lead to the sleep problems, changes in appetite, mood depression.

7. Stress fracture is also a problem faced in exercise addiction that is even during injury period or illness they continue to exercise.

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