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Nutrition and Fitness » Food handling tips to avoid food borne illness

The best method to prevent food borne disease is safe handling of food while cooking and storage. If food is stored properly then this can decrease the food borne illness by half.

Here are a few simple tips about food hygiene and food safety:

• Set refrigerator in 40°F and the freeze needs to be at 0°F.

• Always cook food above 145°F and if cooked food is kept at room temperature for more than two hours re-cook it before eating at 165°F.

• Keep meat and seafood away from all foods that are ready to eat.

• Keep cutting boards, knives, sponges, and countertops clean and free from bacteria.

• Proper handling of food is very important by washing the hands with soap in warm water after using toilets and after touching pets.

• Always sanitize utensils with diluted bleach and hot water.

• Regularly wash sponges and dish towels in hot water.

• Frozen food must be stored in freeze before use.
• Left over foods need to be refrigerated.
• Wash all fruits and vegetables well before eating or cooking them.

• Cook meat and poultry immediately after microwave thawing.

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