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Instead  of popping pill  to prevent various health issues,food therapy is a good and latest emerging prevention against multiple lifestyle diseases.Eating well not only keeps you healthy but also helps  you to heal from sufferings you are already going through.Here,we are discussing lot of benefits you can get from your daily healthy diet:

Dose of sunlight - It is easy to beat infertility with the help of dose of sunlight along with almond,butter and eggs as these are rich in vitamin D,High iron intake in diet like apples and radish also helps people who wants baby.For menopausal women ,it is advisable  to take food rich in vitamin D and E.

Beat the depression - By introducing right food in your diet , you can fight with your depression,You can achieve this by having food that are rich in omega3 fat and that  you can get from mustard oil,wheat,flax and methi seeds,soyabean and green leafy vegetables,Even oily fish also helps to beat the blues.

Cure brittle bones - Drink lot of  milk everyday as it contains good content of calcium.Red beans,fish,sea food,dates,ragi,fenugreek leaves and lotus stem are also rich in calcium.Magnesium also plays a role to get healthy bones, you can get magnesium by eating nuts,lentils and potatoes .

For safe heart - Olive oil consumption is very good for heart,Fruits and vegetables with high fibre like oats helps to reduce cholesterol level.

Prevent Blood pressure - To keep check on blood pressure,you have to limit salt intake In food.Instead of taking salt, you can squeeze lemon in your food.Limit alcohol intake to 60ml per day.Restrict caffeine intake also,Try to include green and herbal tea instead of normal tea and coffee. Also try to avoid cold cut meat as it contains lot of salt.

Cure Cancer - By changing everyday food habits,You can avoid one third of the 12 most common cancers,You have to decrease junk food intake .Introduce garlic,turmeric,green tea,red wine beet root, varities of mushrooms,these foodacts as they plays an anti cancer food  for your body.

So, just by changing your food habits,you can lead healthy life as good food always  have a holistic effect on the well –being of the mind,body and soul.

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