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Nutrition and Fitness » Forbidden food – surprisingly good for you

We are very cautious about our health and fitness that we tend to avoid our favorite foods that are so tempting, just to cut down calories. We classify them as forbidden foods. Though these forbidden foods have their own drawbacks, there are few health benefits that come out of them. Here are few forbidden foods that are surprisingly good for you.

: Dark and pure cocoa chocolates have a natural blood thinning effect that can protect against heart attacks. Cocoa contains flavonols that improves blood flow, but is needed only in lesser amount. Chocolate taken three times a month will satisfy the urge as well as get its health benefit. Treat yourself with these dark chocolates every now and then to relax from stress or headaches.

Red wine: Red wine is found to fight many heart ailments. Red wine inhibits development of cancer cells and destroys existing cancerous cells. It prevents against skin cancer, stomach cancer, etc. It controls mood swings, bone density loss, and other menopausal symptoms. Wine protects against nerve disorders like Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, in elders. Wine should be taken moderately to avoid negative effects.

Eggs: Egg is considered as a forbidden food because it has high cholesterol. Egg contains choline which allows the cholesterol to flow through the arteries without sticking to the walls. It is a good source of minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids. Egg helps to maintain a good eye health.

Ice cream: Ice cream is rich in calcium, the wonder nutrient. Calcium aids in maintaining the blood pressure, relieves post menstrual symptoms like mood swings, depression etc. Now that summer is around, just beat the heat with a scoop of ice cream.

Chewing gums: Choose a sugar free chewing gum for good oral practice. Chewing gum whitens the teeth and protects the mouth from bad breath. It helps to speed up digestion and the risk of tooth decay can be prevented.

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