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Nutrition and Fitness » Fruits: An Asset for a Healthy Life

Fruits form a very significant portion of a well balanced diet. Fruits have rich contents of fibers, minerals and vitamins and thus form an invaluable asset for a healthy life.

Fruits, fresh or dried have been natural staple food of human beings since ancient times.
They are easily digestible and apart being a good source of food serve as medicines and treating ailments.

• Consuming fruits are an excellent way to retain and balance moisture in our body.

• Fruits have low level of sodium and serve good for persons availing sodium free diet.

• Dry fruits like raisins and dates are rich in iron and calcium content with is necessary for good blood and strengthening of the bones respectively.

• 1 or 2 fruits a day clean the digestive tract and aids easy bowel action.

• Guavas, custard apple, papaya, lemons and oranges are good source of vitamin C and vitamin A.

• Fruits like apple, lemon, orange and pomegranate aid in proper functioning of the heart.

• Nutrients in apple, date and mangoes sharpen memory; prevent exhaustion, hysteria, insomnia and mental tension.

• All forms of berries are rich in iron, phosphorus and sodium that are beneficial for blood building and nerve strengthening.

• Lemons are good for liver ailments, indigestion and rheumatism.

• Watermelons are good kidney cleansers.

• Grapefruit juice is an effective aid for common cold. Fresh and ripe fruits like grapes, apples, bananas and figs are good for all brain deficiencies.

• Pineapple, pomegranates help in soothing inflammation of nose, throat, hay fever and other chronic or bronchial ailments.

• Even the kernel of walnut is a helpful remedy for weakness of the brain.

Thus eating liberal amount of fruits ensures a healthy and energetic life and increases the life span also.

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