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Nutrition and Fitness » Health benefits of Black grapes

Grapes are rich source of nutrients and also serves good for heart. Grapes have flavonoids and resveratrol which reduce the clumping of platelets which prevent blood clots. These two compounds will also prevent the damage caused by free radicals to LDL cholesterol which leads to the risk of heart disease in people. Grape skins have compounds that can control tyrosine kinases - enzymes that can regulate cells maturation and also decrease certain protein production that can cause constriction of blood vessels.

Grapes Nutritional Value,

• Grapes control the growth of cardiac fibroblasts and prevent them from changing into myofibroblasts. Grapes help in the elasticity of the heart muscles

• Grape skins contain saponins which bind and stop the absorption of cholesterol. Saponins are present in good amount in red and white wine.

• Grapes contain Pterostilbene which are antioxidants that fight against cancer and also lower cholesterol.

• Grapes contain polyphenols which lower the levels of cholesterol.

• The antioxidant present in grapes also flushes out toxins from the body.

• A grape seed contains proanthocyanidin that strengthens the capillaries and reduces inflammation in tissues thus by preventing leakage

• Proanthocyanidin in grape seed will also prevent damage of the liver and also helps in improving the vision, especially in older people.

• Grapes serve as a very good antidote for alcoholism.

• Grapes fight migraines.

• Grapes have polyphenols, this helps in protecting elastin fibers and collagen.

• Grape seeds can bring back life to lifeless hair, with its high fatty acid content.

• Grapes are known to decrease the risk towards hypertension-related death.

• Grapes is said to be good in preventing breast, liver, lung and prostrate cancers.

• Grapes can help prevent macular degeneration.

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