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All the dairy products have lots of nutritional value and provide lots of health benefits. Curd, also known as yoghurt, can be described as a dairy product that is made from fermented milk. The active culture of yoghurt, combined with its high nutritional value, has credited it with lot of health and nutritional benefits.

Benefits of curd:

• Curd eaten with rice gives instant relief from diarrhea and dysentery.

• It has the ability to stop nausea and vomiting tendency.

• Curd has high vitamin and calcium content with protein. Hence, people suffering from asthma and allergies who refrain from milk can take curd to get their calcium supply.

• Yoghurt helps feel fuller. Thus, it is a very good snack for those trying to loose weight.

• Curd is also helpful in treating inflammatory bowel disease and H. pylori infection.

• The active culture of yoghurt has been found to be beneficial in case of constipation and colon cancer.

• As per the studies, consumption of colon might reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

• Yoghurt has also proved beneficial for those suffering from vaginal infection.

• Low-fat or skim curd is good for people who are suffering from higher levels of cholesterol.

• Consumption of curd has been associated with the strengthening of the immune system.

• One serving of yoghurt per day is said to be beneficial for those suffering from osteoporosis.

• Eating curd on regular basis can help absorb the nutrients in other foods as well.

• Curd is one of the easiest remedies for treating dandruff.

• It is also good for skin. It imparts softness and lusture to the skin. 

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