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Potatoes supply energy as they are rich source of carbohydrates; they have about 5 grams of fiber which helps in the proper functioning of digestive tract. It is an extensively grown tuber crop in the world. Potatoes are also rich in calories and have phytonutrient that have antioxidant activity.

Health benefits of Potatoes:

• Potatoes are rich source of vitamin C and B6 and dietary fiber.

• They are a good source of Copper and Iron.

• Sweet potato is low in calories and fat and is a good source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene.

• Since sweet potato is high in vitamins and minerals it is proven to be highly useful for people doing hard muscular works.

• It is been highly recommended diet for athletes.

• A diet with potatoes helps to cure any inflamed colon condition and ulcers.

• People with hemorrhoid may find potato useful because of its high fiber content.

• Glands and organs with epithelial tissue can be protected from cancer by potatoes because of it high Vitamin content.

• Potatoes help to maintain blood sugar levels so they serve as a best diet for diabetic patients.

• Potatoes have potassium that keeps the fluid and electrolyte balance and decrease risk to heart attack and stroke.

• Potatoes keep a check on blood pressure.

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