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Cancer is a class of disease in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth, invasion properties and also metastasis. It can affect people at all ages with the risk for most types increasing with age. None of the treatment mode like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery is absolutely safe for cancer.It is the diet and healthy food which can counter the toxic accumulation by chemotherapy and certain food which should be avoided on which the cancer cells feed and multiply.

A cancer patient should avoid food that can nourish cancer growth.

• Sugar is a cancer feeder and should be completely avoided by a cancer patient so as to make the cancer cell starved. A substitute for sugar should be either honey or molasses, but their quantity should not be too much.

• It is better to consume sea-salt or Brag’s amino rather than the normal table salt.

• Milk is another substance which should be avoided or substituted by soy milk.

• A cancer patient should avoid meat because meat is acidic and favors the growth of cancerous cells.

• Tea, coffee and chocolates should be avoided as caffeine is harmful for healthy cells.

• Smoking and tobacco chewing should be strictly abstained.

• A cancer patient should avoid distilled water in order to get the pure water, as distilled water is acidic in nature and can provide good environment for the cancer cells to grow.

Healthy food for a Cancer Patient:

• Cancer patients should consume food made of fresh vegetables and juices. 80% of their diet should comprise of whole grains, fresh vegetables and juices, seeds, nuts and little fruits. These provide alkaline environment and hence, do not support cell growth.

• Fresh vegetable juices and some raw vegetables should be taken to produce liver enzymes and which in turn promote the growth of healthy cells.

• Supplements in the form of the form of IP6, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, Essiac, florescence, essential fatty acids etc should be taken to build up the immune system.

•A little amount of chicken can be added to the diet of a cancer patient.

• And above all, a positive attitude, a positive mind-set should be attained in order to fight the cancer. On the other hand anger, stress and depression forms acidic environment in the body thus becomes favorable for cancer cells to proliferate.

Thus, even though cancer is a deadly disease, relaxing, enjoying life and fighting the diseases with positive attitude may help a person emerge as a winner.

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