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Teenage is the time of transition from child to adult. It is the most difficult phase for the parents. It is the period when there is rapid growth, both physically as well as mentally, in a child’s body. To tackle the rapid growth and various hormonal changes occurs inside the body, a teenager needs a healthy balanced diet.

Balance, variety and moderation should be the principle of a healthy diet for teenagers. Variety is brought about by including all kinds of foods in each food group. Balancing the nutrients and the quantity is important. Avoidance of excess eating of a particular type of food is recommendable.  

The following can be done to provide a healthy teen diet:

 • A healthy teen diet plan can be achieved by providing them with guidance and knowledge regarding healthy food.

 • Fruits should form an integral part of a healthy teen diet.

 • Fresh vegetables should also be consumed regularly.

 • Calcium forms an essential mineral in the teenage diet, as it promotes growth and other vital functions.

 • About two servings of milk and related products and animals foods are recommended.

 • Yoghurt, cheese and milk are helpful, especially in skimmed nature.

 • Animal food such as fish, chicken, eggs and meat are an essential part of a healthy diet for teens as they are a good source of protein.

 • Chicken devoid of skin is preferred to avoid unwanted fat.

 • Lifestyle modifications such as smoking and alcoholic beverages should be completely abstained from.

Teenagers prefer fast-food. They fail to realize the importance of healthy diet and that fast food are a fastest way of getting any kind of disorders in the body system. Their preferences play an important role in modifying their food according to their taste which is healthy as well.

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