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As snacks are mostly associated with potato chips and wafers and sugary cookies, there is a common perception that snacks are not healthy. However, it is a sheer myth. There are many food items that are used as snacks and are healthy also. Just that the person should know to distinguish the right kinds of snacks from the unhealthy ones.

Snacks are not meal replacement
. Snacks are basically ready made items meant to gratify between meals or with tea or coffee. They are not replacement of staple diet and should always be taken in limited quantity.

While choosing snacks one should always keep in mind that the snack is a low fat product. It should also be low in oil, sugar and other fat increasing products. Products that steamed, raw, or boiled act as the best snacks in terms gratifying ones hunger as well as maintaining weight.

Healthy and tasty snacks should comprise of complex carbohydrates
. It should be kept in mind that natural and healthy snacks need not be nutritious.

Some of the healthy snacks are as follows:

• Mini Muffins
• Popcorn (little or no butter)
• Spiced aromatic idli
• Non-sugar coated cereals
• Pretzels- mini carrots with dip
• Toasted pumpkin seeds
• Mini bagels
• Low fat pitas and hummus
• Fruits and green vegetables
• Unsalted nuts and raisins mixed together

All juices and sodas are mixed with sugars and should be clearly avoided. Products with trans fats should also be avoided.

Developing the habit of munching healthy snacks can also be a good substitute for ones smoking and drinking habits
and that too in a fulfilling and healthy way. Avoid paying attention to unhealthy sugary chocolate bars and carbonated drinks.

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