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Nutrition and Fitness » Importance of exercise

Exercise is very important on regular basis at least 30 minute every morning supports physical and mental well-being throughout the life. Warm-up and cool-down, including stretching should be a part of every exercise. Exercise and eating proper diet leads to a healthier body.

Regular exercise benefits as follows -

• Aid to keep healthy appearance.

• Enhances fitness of the body.

• Enhances strengthening of the bones and tissues of the body thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

• Helps to reduce the fat percentage of the body.

• Helps to remain active at adult stage by improving the metabolism.

• Helps to prolong life span than those who do not exercise.

• Helps in reducing the blood pressure that improves blood circulation.

• Helps in strengthening of heart muscles, thus reducing risk of stroke and heart disease.

• Improves coordination of the body, thus reducing the risk of severe injuries.

• Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, colon, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

• Improve energy levels and keep a person fresh and happy through out the day.

• Reduces feeling of depression and anxiety.

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