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Mango tree is a native of India, and the fruit is considered as the food of the gods. This tree is a symbol of wealth, love and fertility. This tree bears fruits during the month of May. This summer let us relish mangoes; there is hardly anyone who can resist temptation from this juicy pulp. A mango fruit is a wonderful health pack. Almost all parts of the mango tree have a health benefit on its own. Here, below are the benefits of Mango. 

Treat iron deficiency: Mango contains high content of iron which helps to cure anemia. High content of iron is necessary for pregnant women.

Treat acne: Mangoes have the property to unclog pores which helps to cure acne, thereby enhance beauty.

Aids digestion: Mango contains certain enzymes that helps to overcome acidity and helps in digestion. It also increases appetite.

Nutritional value: Mango is a rich source of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium. These help to prevent heart ailments, internal hemorrhage and lower cholesterol level.

Lower risk of cancer: Mangoes have antioxidant property and soluble fiber, which wards away gastrointestinal cancers and inhibits tumor cell formation.

Weight gain: Mangoes are beneficial for people who are working hard to gain weight. They contain high calories, due to high starch content which readily gets converted into sugar. Treat yourself with a mango milkshake for a weight gain.

Boosts sex life: Vitamin E present in mangoes enhances sex drive. The reason is they help to regulate sex hormones.

Anti inflammatory: Mangoes relieve pain from conditions like arthritis. It also reduces the symptoms of asthma, fever, piles, morning sickness, prickly heat etc.

Remedy for diabetes: Though the ripe fruit contains high sugar content, the leaves have the property to regulate insulin levels in blood. A filtered decoction of mango leaves every morning is a good home remedy to control diabetes.

Control diarrhea: Dried and powdered mango seeds can be given to control diarrhea. It is found very effective in infants and children.

Heal eye disorders: Mango is rich source of Vitamin A. A regular inclusion of mangoes in diet prevents night blindness, dryness of eyes, burning sensations, refractive errors etc.

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