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Parsley is a natural breath sweetener and it is rich in chlorophyll.  Chewing parsley leaves is very good for breath odors. It is rich in nutrition and has high healing properties. As a decorative garnish this vegetable has more medicinal effects.

Health benefits of parsley:

• Parsley enhances the antioxidant capacity of blood and acts as blood purifier.

• Parsley is rich in Iron and vitamin c and it is very effective in fatigue.

• It had bactericidal effects, thus reduces bad odor in mouth by destroying the bacteria.
• It repairs bruises and maintains elasticity of blood vessels.

• Parsley tea helps to get rid of diarrhea.

• It promotes the intestinal absorption there by dissolves the cholesterol in the veins.

• It is very good in treating deafness and ear infections.

• It dissolves gallstones.

• It improves estrogen secretion in women and restores the blood of uterus and there by regularizing the menstrual cycle.

• It inhibits the formation of tumor cells especially in lungs.

• Chewing parsley leaves strengthens the loose bleeding gums of teeth.

• Parsley when rubbed on the insect bite area relieves from swelling and itch.

• The root of parsley strengthens the spleen and very effective in treating mal absorption.

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