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Nutrition and Fitness » Medicinal properties of coconut water

Coconut water is one of the highly seen drink available to quest the thirst. This water is found to have a good nutritious value and also recommended to infants for easy digestion.

Health benefits of coconut water are as follows:

• It helps decrease body heat.

• It subsides the rashes caused during the time of chicken pox and measles.

• It can kill intestinal worm when taken in empty stomach.

• For a person suffering from cholera it aid because of its saline and albumin content.

• It aids to treat kidney problems and urethral stones.

• It is very good for old and sick.

• Coconut water helps cure malnourishment.

• Being a sterile liquid it can substitute pyrogen-free fluids.

• It can substitute blood plasma, since the RBC can survive in it.

• It is a good treatment for mineral poisoning and good antiseptic.

• It should not be given to persons suffering from liver disorders, higher cholesterol colic disorder and diarrhea.

• Coconut water contain more nutrition than milk or orange juice.

• Nutritious drink for instant supply of stamina.

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