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Nutrition and Fitness » Medicinal value of jaggery

Jaggery is rich in mineral content when compared to sugars. It has 60 times greater in mineral content when compared with refined white sugar. Jaggery is also a good source of proteins, minerals and vitamins, these are important for the body. This has a rich source of Iron and Copper. It is also known for its properties of purifying blood and regulating function of liver.

The medicinal value of jaggery is as follows:

• Jaggery has Magnesium; this enhances the strength of nervous system and relaxes the muscles. In this way helps to relieve from fatigue and protects the blood vessels.

• Jaggery also a good source of selenium which acts as an antioxidant by reducing free radicals in the cells.

• Jaggery has potassium and sodium in low amount, this helps in maintaining the pH balance in cell.

• Jaggery to increase iron content in blood and is recommended for anemia patients.

• Jaggery has anti allergy property. Thus is useful to take care of asthma.

• Jaggery is very good in treating migraine.

• Jaggery is very good for women who have irregular periods.

• Jaggery is very good food for people who are from dusty and polluted areas it helps them to breathe easier and counter pollution problems naturally.

• Jaggery has reasonable amount of calcium, phosphorous and zinc.

• Jaggery will help relieving from tension

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