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Date is the fruit of Date Palm, which is found first in the desert oases of northern Africa. The people of the Middle East use to consume dates as a part of their diet because of its high nutritional value.
The nutritional value of dates is listed below.

• Dates are rich in natural fibers, which is easily digestible.

• Dates are rich in calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, copper, sulfur etc. They supply energy very quickly and repair the waste.

• At the stage of convalescence the best nutritious drink is milk boiled with dates for children and adults.

• Dates provide an excellent cure for intestinal disturbance because of its nicotinic content.

• Date if added to snack regularly it helps growth of friendly bacteria while keeps a check on disease causing organisms.

• Dates are very good for constipation as it is a laxative.

• Drinking water which is soaked with dates is said to be quite effective for alcoholic intoxication and it is also very good for heart patients as per a recent study.

• Dates are a good tonic to improve sex stamina and sterility.

• Consuming dates every day reduces the risk of abdominal cancer.

• It is a rich source of Iron and thus serves as a very good medicine for Anemia.

• Regular consumption of dates improves complexion.

• Their ionic content enhances the growth of hair follicles when taken every day.

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