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Nutrition and Fitness » Some facts about Organic Food

No chemical are used in the production, processing and packaging of organic foods and these procedures follow the organic certifying body’s rules. Since their cultivation does not include the use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides they are safer than conventional ones. Some examples of the organic food in use are organic tea, organic coffee, organic honey, organic wine, organic meat, organic milk, organic corn, organic essential oils, etc.

The Phenolic compounds present in organic food is said to help protect from heart disease and cancer. Since many studies indicate chemical fertilizers and pesticides to be harmful to all living being, many people have turned towards organic food that is grown in a natural environment with the help of natural fertilizers. These food are been found to be rich in nutrients. Research in organic milk and organic tomatoes have found it to be healthier than conventional products. Natural means of producing crops always have its specialities.

The Goodness of Organic Food include

  • Organic foods have more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This will help the immune system in our body.
  • It is a toxin free product which is good for health.
  • Organic products have been known to taste natural. A study on apples conducted in 2001 confirmed that organic apples are more sweet and juicy that conventional ones.
  • Natural means of cultivation makes it environment friendly. It causes no toxicity or soil erosion like in case of conventional farming.

The Drawbacks of Organic food include

  • The cost of organic foods is higher than non-organic products because they are produced on a smaller scale and cultivated by hand with labor costing high.
  • Not many farmers practice it because of the possible loss in the yield due to insects and pests. Getting organic manure is not an easy now-a-days.
  • The looks of the organic food are not much appealing. Many of us are used to look out for shiny apples since we feel that “more shinier the better”.  This has lead to the rejection of organic food by many.

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