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Nutrition and Fitness » Tea or Coffee: Which is more Healthier?

A cup of hot tea or coffee along with a newspaper and our favorite music playing in the background- that’s a perfect morning for most of us. Almost 95% amongst us like to start our day with a cup of tea or coffee. The cup of tea or coffee stirred with milk or sugar has different flavor, depends on the persons taste.
There has always been controversy regarding the health benefits of tea and coffee. Let’s check out which one is healthier.


• All tea, whether green, black or white, contain high level of strong anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help purge the human body of toxins, may prevent the inflammation of blood vessels and reduce the risk of cancer.

• Daily cup of tea decrease the risk of Parkinson’s disease, the liver, the cancer of Gallstones and diabetes.

• Tea can also act as a mild pain-reliever due to the high levels of quercetin found in it. This can give relieve from mild arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

• Green tea is the healthiest among all due to its extremely high anti-oxidants content. It prevents cancer, fight plaque on teeth, and lower cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

• A cup of tea calms the disturbed mind.


• Although coffee is preferred for its strong taste, unlike tea, coffee has got high caffeine contents and is absorbed by the blood stream faster thus leading to the “caffeine crash” (sudden loss of energy).

• By drinking too much of coffee, one may feel anxious and jumpy, followed by a sudden loss of energy.

• Researches have shown that coffee increases the risk of heart disease and has been linked with increased blood pressure.

• Caffeine present has one benefit: it has the ability to relax the airways in the lungs which can be of great benefit for asthma patients.

The benefits of drinking tea far outweigh the benefits of drinking coffee. Though coffee is not bad for health, in short we can say that “Drinking tea is much healthier than drinking coffee.”

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