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Avocados grow on tall evergreen fruit trees in warm climate throughout the world. Their outer shape resembles that of the pear. Popularly known as butter fruit, until fairly recently, avocados were shunned because of the high fat content- almost ¾ of an avocado fruit consists of pure fat. But the fat found in avocado is of the health protective monosaturated variety and primarily consists of the oleic acid. Avocados contain more than 29 beneficial nutrients, including potassium, folate, copper and vitamins (B6, C, E, and K).

Avocados offer both healths as well as beauty benefits. From the ancient times avocados have been used as an excellent beauty aid. It can be easily used in the daily beauty routine and thus save large amount of money otherwise being spent on other beauty professional treatments. Here are the beauty benefits of avocados:

Reduce Wrinkles – it improves the blood circulation to your skin and thereby helps to restore the essential nutrients to increase the production of collagen. This increases the firmness of the skin and thus prevents and reduces the wrinkles.

Skin cleanser – avocados help to remove the dead skin cells, harmful toxins and other dirt and chemicals that settle in the skin. Thus avocados act as a natural cleanser of the skin and restore its normal shine.

Moisturizing Lotion – avocados oil have the unique ability of penetrating deep in the skin to clean and stimulate the cell growth. Therefore, avocados act as an excellent massage or moisturizing lotion and help to heal dry skin and eczema.

Healthy Hair – the vitamins and minerals in avocados are excellent for the conditioning and strengthening of the hair. Massaging the hair with avocado helps to restore the essential oils which help to straighten and give the hair a natural shine.

Natural Sun Protection – applying avocado to the skin before getting exposed to the harm rays of the sun acts as a natural sunscreen. In addition in case of sunburns, avocado oil help to relieve the pain associated with the sunburns.

Avocados are applied topically for immediate results. However, avocados also help to clean the body inside out when included in the daily diet.
Because of all these reasons, Avocados has been ranked by the Guinness Book of World Record as the nutritious food.

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