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Nutrition and Fitness » Vegetarian Diet Keeps Toxins Away

Having vegetarian diet for 5 continuous days will reduce the toxins from the body. The toxins like antibiotics and phthalates are reduced drastically. The toxin phthalates is a chemical used in plastics.

Recently researchers from Korea have proved that vegetarian diet removes toxins from the body. They made people to stick to the vegetarian diet for 5 continuous days and analysed their urine samples before the diet and after the completion of the diet. It is found that, the levels of chemicals reduced dramatically. The amount of chemicals found in the urine is what you ate for 48 hours.

The target compounds might vary but when it is studied that, even a change in the diet results in the reduction of toxins from the body then, definitely the regular dietary behaviour will not only reduce the antibiotics and phthalates chemicals but also the oxidative stress levels.

All these above research have been done by the discovery news.

Changing to a vegetarian food need not be done overnight. You can change yourself by having vegetarian dish whenever you feel so and gradually increasing the amount of vegetarian consumption will reduce the level of meat consumption. This will stay better for the body health, the animals, and the nature.

Vegetarian diet keeps our body healthy and also makes us to stay away from toxins. The amount of calories and cholesterol present in the meat is more when compared to vegetables. The high calorie and cholesterol are the main issues where the humans facing troubles. So staying as vegetarian will definitely keep us with the right calories and cholesterol and stay healthy.

The vegetables can be used a substitutes for some of the animal products when you are not able to make it a complete vegetarian. By reducing the amount of animal products or meat will reduce the toxin content present in the body and keep you to stay fit and healthy.

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