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Nutrition and Fitness » Which Cooking Oil is Healthier?

How to choose the right oil for those with cholesterol problem? How much of each oil can be consumed? Which cooking oil is healthier?  These are few of the questions that everyone has in mind in mind while cooking food for themselves or for their loving ones.

One thing one has to consider that there is no such oil which can be termed the healthiest. Each oil has got their own merits and demerits based on their categorization as per their fat content: saturated, unsaturated, monosaturated and polysaturated. Of these, unsaturated oils are the healthier and the most beneficial.  

Some of the common facts about the commonly used cooking oils are discussed below:

Groundnut Oil:

 • Effective in protein against heart disease as compared to most of the oil.
 • Contain natural antioxidants thus, preventing cancer.
 • Helps in the reduction of the cholesterol levels.

Sesame Oil:

 • Contains fat soluble antioxidants thus preventing the formation of free radical.
 • Has the cholesterol lowering properties.
 • Helps people with nerves, anxiety and bone disorders.
 • Improves immunity and circulation and helps ease the digestive problems like constipation and IBS.
 • Regular use helps combat stress, tension, nurtures the nerves system, relieves fatigue, cures insomnia and improves vitality.
 • Protects from cancer and helps those with arthritis and joint problems.

Sunflower Oil:

 • High content of essential Vitamin E.
 • Heart friendly.
 • Lowers the cholesterol level.

Safflower Oil:

 • Has got the weight reduction properties.
 • Helps in the strengthening of the cell membranes thus preventing the entry of toxins.
 • Boosts immunity.
 • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the cholesterol levels.
 • Recommended for diabetic patients as it reduces the blood sugar level.
 • Helps ease the premenstrual syndrome.

Oils are better cold pressed and organic rather than refined. Refining them reduces their health properties. Simply choose the one that works best for you. Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oil as they contain trans fats. These elevate cholesterol levels, increasing the risk at heart.

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