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Nutrition and Fitness » Why is Yoga good for you ?

The word “yoga” is taken from a Sanskrit word that meaning "union." It originated 5,000 years back, and is one of the ancient psycho-physical disciplines followed by many till date. Yoga is not just meditation; it involves a lot of physical postures referred to as Asanas, and the breathing exercises referred to as Pranayama. Yoga aims in achieving union of Brahman i.e. the Absolute with the Atman. The present lifestyle being stressful, people want a solution that is natural and without any side effects like most of the medicines can give, this is one reason why the present generation is accepting yoga and is willing to practice it. It is been found that yoga helps to obtain peace; it is a good means of stress relief and helps to obtain mental calmness. Yoga has all these days being associated with flexibility and good health. Below are some benefits of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga:

• Reduces stress and enhances relaxation.

• Intensifies tolerance to pain and enhancing mental clarity.

• Infuses a sense of balance and internal harmony.

• Increases physical strength, stamina and flexibility of the body.

• Enhances concentration.

• Increases self control.

• Helps in healing certain injuries.

• Enhances proper functioning of the immune system.

• Enhances muscle tone.

• Reduce anxiety and muscle tension.

• Blood circulation is enhanced.

• Helps to obtain glowing skin.

• Improves the proper function of body organs.

• Helps to obtain a positive look towards life.

• Helps to increase self esteem.

• Improves concentration.

• Helps to lose unwanted fat.

• Helps to stimulate our immune system.

• Helps you to get a sound sleep.

• Helps to decrease cortisol levels.

• Helps to gain relief from asthma.

• Helps to decrease blood pressure.

• Helps to get relief from addictions like alcohol or smoking.

• Helps to keep you younger.

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