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Wine is prepared by fermentation of crushed grapes with the aid of yeast. Wine is considered to have many health benefits. It is consumed mostly on special occasions and holidays. There are many myths about good wine. Here are few myths and facts that are revealed for all those who love to toast a drink.

Myth: Old wine is better than new
Fact: Not all wine requires ageing. Some wines are prepared to be drunk instantly. These wine give a bad taste if allowed to stay long. Red wine contains high tannin that is related to ageing of wine.

Myth: All wines have same amount of alcohol
Fact: Alcohol content depends on the amount of sugar that is fermented.

Myth: Wine turns to vinegar after removing the cork
Fact: A fresh wine can be stored for about three days after popping the cork.

Myth: Uncork the bottle for sometime before drinking, to allow wine to breathe
Fact: Uncorking the bottle is not enough to allow the wine to breathe. It does no help.

Myth: Smelling the cork can tell the quality of wine
Fact: Smelling the cork does not help. Try to smell the wine directly to check for the quality of the wine.

Myth: Sulfites present in red wine causes headaches
Fact: Sulfites does not cause headaches in all people. For some asthmatic people, these sulfites may trigger allergic conditions.

Myth: France ranks top in wine production
Fact: Italy and California are world’s largest wine producing countries while France tops in wine revenue.

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