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Nutrition and Fitness » Yellow and Green Veggies Extend Life

Apart from saying it as just veggies why people are particular about the colors of vegetables? Has these colors are anyway related to our health factors? The answer is ‘yes’. Let see how it is related to understand our topic.

Colors in vegetables and fruits are technically called as pigments. Pigments in fruits and vegetables are mainly chlorophylls (greens), anthocyanins (blues, purples, reds) and carotenoids (reds, yellows, oranges).
Example for chlorophylls can be any green colored vegetable. Carrot is a good example for carotenoids and Beet root is an excellent example for anthocyanins.

Carotenoids can be further classified as alpha and beta carotene. These carotenes play a vital role in giving color to the fruits and vegetables which is indirectly related to human health factors.

Many researchers have found that alpha carotene reduces the risk of dying when compared to beta carotene.
Alpha carotenes are nothing but antioxidants. These antioxidants  fights against the oxygen-related damage to the body’s cells that can lead to the development of heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, macular degeneration, and other serious conditions.

Intake of pigment rich fruits and vegetables in everyday life can extend the life span of a human being.

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