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Skin Care » Benefits of Facial Treatments

Facials are skin treatments for the face that maintain and improve the quality of the skin. Facials, usually performed by trained estheticians, tend to include an analysis of the skin, followed by a series of cleansing methods of the skin, exfoliation, a series of face massage, steam and a cream and a moisturizer.

A facial deeply cleanses and maintains the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells ultimately leading to a smooth, clear and well-hydrated skin. While facials have a variety of benefits for the skin appearance on the face, there are also many health benefits as well. A facial is more than what is being seen by the eye. Facials regulate the body immune system, aid in detoxification, reduce the amount of fluid that has built up in the body. Facials also aid in stress relief when it includes aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, exfoliation treatments and acupuncture. It also helps in the release of the toxin that has been built in the body.

  • Facial massages included in the facial treatments improve the blood circulation and also helps with the lymphatic drainage. It also helps in the relaxation of the facial muscles thus reducing the chances of the early onset of the wrinkles. Skin cells also are renewed by this technique thus reducing the puffiness and the sagging in the face.
  • Face mask applied to the skin during the facial procedure, helps tone and clarify the skin. It improves the dull complexion, removes the dirt and the blackheads and also solves many superficial health related issues like acnes and the pimples.  
  • Antioxidant facials contain free radical fighting nutrients like vitamin A and E which help remove pollutants from the body.
  • A collagen facial benefits the skin by preventing wrinkles, reducing dark circles and ridding the body of the environmental toxins.
  • Aromatherapy facials help in body relaxation, clear congestion in the skin, eliminate toxins, rejuvenate the skin and improve the skin functions.
  • Gold facials help in the regeneration of the new cells and improve the elasticity and the smoothness of the skin through the use of the 24 carat gold.
  • Galvanic facials remove the congestion in the skin and help the skin retain the moisture.

Keeping in mind the various health benefits of facials, one should go for the facial treatments once every month or at least once every six weeks. This is how long it takes to regenerate new skin cells. However, one should have facials a minimum of four times in a year to fit with the different seasonal variations.

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