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Besan (Gram flour) is very good for the skin it keeps the complexion glowing and healthy. In general flours of pulses have slight alkalizing effect, to convert it in to acidic nature for best cleansing effect it is mixed with yogurt, lemon juice. Besan paste can be used instead of soaps as they have an affinity to attract acids and dust particles blocked in the pores of the skin, as they have affinity to acids in the sweat, released as a result of bacterial action on fats and proteins in the sweat and thus body odor removed.

Besan for skin,

• For glowing skin mix full-cream milk and besan. Apply it on the skin and leave to dry for 20mintutes and then wash with cold water.

• Take one spoon besan mix with turmeric (haldi), honey and olive oil. This is very good for dry skin.

• Apply a mix of besan and lemon juice on knees, neck, underarms and hands regularly, this will help to whiten it.

• For pimple prone skins add curd to gram flour to make a paste and apply it on the face and gently massage it before it dries. Repeat this for once in two days. This also helps to remove blemishes.

• Make a paste with 1 cup curd, egg white from one egg, half lemon and 2 spoons of besan; apply it to hair before head bath. For dry hair, instead of egg white add a spoon of olive oil.

• Apply a paste of besan and fenugreek powder on the unwanted facial hair, peel it after it has dried. This will help remove unwanted facial hair.

• To remove blemishes apply besan with cucumber juice mixed to it. Wash when it dries this will tighten the skin pores.

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