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Skin Care » Cream for Oily Skin

Having an oily skin is irritating enough. Seeing one’s face, full of blackheads and pimples make one fell sad and disappointed. Oily skin can be due to

• Diet problems
• Hormonal imbalance
• Pregnancy
• Use of commercial skin care products
• Environmental pollution
• Hereditary.

Selecting a treatment and a proper cream for a naturally oily skin is a big headache. An oily skin can be hereditary due to hyperactive sebaceous glands which produces sebum, or natural skin oil. Consumption of fatty foods and fried meats can not only give one digestive and metabolic problems, but can also add additional problem to the skin.

However, some commercial skin care products are also considered as a culprit in having an oily skin. A good cream for oily face should be water based. Skin care products that are oil free are recommended to be applied on the face so that it can be applied without the fear of annoyance due to an oily look.

Washing an oily face more often will help in eliminating the excess sebum. However, applying a suitable cream to the skin holds equal importance.

When applying a cream for oily face, make sure to first remove the excess oil by washing the face with a mild facial soap. This can also help in preparing the skin pores for the cream application. Moreover, consider the strokes while applying creams for oily face. Although it is thought that a naturally oily skin is the least to have wrinkles, frequent massage of the face using the same rubbing direction can lead to the formation of fine lines in the eye area.

Apart from that, make sure that you do not contaminate the cream as you apply it, or else whiteheads can be formed. Also, dab only adequate amount of the cream onto the face, giving prominent focus on the T-zone which includes the forehead, nose, and cheeks. Doing this skin care routine two times a day would be enough to manage excess oil in on the face.

However having an oily skin has one advantage. People with oily skin do not show aging signs like other skins, especially the dry skin. Therefore, oily skin is not that bad, it helps one to be young even while stepping in the grey years. The only thing is that one has to give extra attention to the skin.

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