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Skin Care » Deodorants: Advantages and Disadvantages

Sweating and body odor has been a problem for everyone. We can all agree that there's nothing more troublesome than stinking body odor that hits hard and leaves one gagging. Stinking can happen to anyone it may be due to various causes like hereditary, diseases, etc. Thankfully, there are lots of deodorants available in the market which can help one in smelling good. Using deodorants is very easy and convenient, and has taken a very significant place in ones daily grooming and personal hygiene routine.  
But are these smelling good deodorants really good for our health and body? The answer is NO. When the demand for deodorants is simply increasing in the market each year, people simply are unaware and ignorant about the side effects of using deodorants.
Many people have the view that the antiperspirants and the deodorants are same. However, this is not the case. Deodorants let go the smell of sweat by breaking down the sweat and the bacteria which causes body odor. An antiperspirants blocks down the sweat glands and stops the production of the sweat by up to fifty percent. Aluminium Chlorhydrate, a chemical manufactured from aluminium, is the key ingredient which helps to the sweat blockage. And this ingredient is present in small quantities in both the deodorants and the antiperspirants. Nevertheless, this small quantity can affect a person health due to long term absorption.
Continuous use of deodorants increases the risk of breast cancer. Deodorants are often sprayed in the armpits which are very near to the breasts. Getting inside the skin the aluminium mimics oestrogen which develops the causes of breast cancer. Apart from breast cancer it is also dangerous for the mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. It causes plaques and accumulates in the Alzheimer’s affected brain.

Deodorants also contain propane and butane as their ingredients. They have the sweet smell but the excessive inhalation of such deadly chemicals can cause death to the person through the fumes.

There are ways to avoid such health disorders by avoiding such deodorants which contain aluminium and instead use the natural deodorants which contain no such chemicals.

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