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We use our hand to express our self during a communication or to emphasize on a point. Hand does the major chores of our life like cleaning, cooking etc. Therefore, it gets rough and dull after a period of time. It is said that hand depicts the age of a person. To nullify this fact, we need to give an extra care to our hands and nail to keep them healthy, smooth and look younger.

• The skin that covers the hand is delicate; therefore it must be treated gently. Soak the hands in warm water; use a mild face scrub to remove dead cells.

• After a wash, dry hands and nails thoroughly and apply moisturizer regularly before going to bed.

• Wear rubber gloves when working at home or garden. This can prevent the skin from hardening and the nails from chipping off.

• Apply sunscreen adequately before stepping out of the house. Wear cotton gloves while riding a bike. This protects the hand from harsh radiation.
• Opt for a manicure at least once in a week. This will pamper your skin and keeps the nails well nourished.

• A good massage with some essential oils help to relieve stress and pain, caused due to repeated motions like typing, clicking the mouse etc.

• Diet plays an important role for healthy nails. Vitamin B complex and calcium supplements help to improve brittle, split and dull nail.

• Avoid acetone nail polish removers; instead try ones that are made of acetate. Restrict the use of remover once a week.

• Clip and file nails regularly, avoid biting them off.

• Leave the nails unpolished, every now and then. This prevents development of yellow tint on the nails. Apply petroleum jelly to get natural sheen to the nails.

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