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Skin Care » Methods for lightening black marks on face

Black marks on the face are dead cells they result due to improper face care or because of pimples.

To fight against pigmentation one can go for simple and effective home remedies.

• Apply cucumber juices that lighten black marks.

• Apply milk cream to skin leave for 15 minutes and wash with water.

• Apply mixture of lemon juice and honey let it dry and wash, acts as a bleaching agent.

• Apply olive oil that will lighten black marks.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables helps to improve skin tone.

• Apply curd mixed with few drops of lemon juice let it dry and wash with tap water, during night.

• Apply coconut oil before going to bath and then use a paste made of turmeric powder, green gram and few drops of milk leave for 10 minutes let it dry and then scrub it in circular motions with finger tips. Wash it with ordinary water. Just do this two times in a week.

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