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Skin Care » Moles: Ways to remove them

A mole is defined as a black mark or spot on the skin which may or may not vary in size, shapes and colors. Also known as nevi, they are dark spots or irregularity in the skin. Some people are born with the moles others appear over the time. They can develop in any part of the body but the most specific area being face, arms, legs and torso. 

Moles are usually benign (non-cancerous and harmless in nature) but some moles can prove to be cancerous and melanoma, leading to the high possibility of causing skin cancer. If you have a mole which change in size and shape and starts itching and bleeding, you should consult the doctor immediately and check for its cancerous nature by biopsy.

Moles can be caused due to proliferation of the pigment cells, hereditary or exposure to the sunlight.

Moles are generally formed in young people to adults up to the age of 40 years. Moles can be removed for a variety of reasons, including improving appearance, reducing the discomfort and may also be due to health reasons like in the case of cancerous moles. Mole removal can be a want (for those beauty conscious people) or a need (in case the mole is health threatening). 

Doctors usually remove the mole by cutting the mole off to the deepest point that from which it grows. The procedure may be

• Excision with stitches – for the cancerous moles 
• Excision with cauterization – remove the moles by burning away the moles

Doctors can also use the laser technique to remove the moles and require no stitches or burning in that case.

Natural Ways for mole removal:

Moles can also be removed at home thus cutting down the doctor’s visit and shaving money. Though mole removal at home is time consuming, it has got very little or no side effects and is safe. Some of the effective home remedies for mole removal include

• Grounded flaxseed powder combined with honey and flaxseed oil should be applied on the area thrice a day for few weeks.
• Combination of baking powder and castor oil should be applied to the mole at night.
• The juices of figs, grapes, pine apples and green apples are the very effective remedy for mole removal. They should be applied three to four times a day for quicker results.

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