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Since ancient times, natural skin lightening products have been used by the people to make their skin look fairer and creamer. But people nowadays are looking for faster and easier ways to achieve the skin fairness. Keeping this in mind, the market has been flooded with many fairness products loaded with glutathione and kojic acid. Despite the companies claim that these products are harmless and natural, exposing our sensitive skin tissue to these chemicals usually has a long term harmful effect.

However, there are lots of household items that can be used to lighten the skin tone naturally. Some of these cost effective ingredients which can be found easily in our home are:

Citrus Juice - Juices from all citrus fruits are packed with natural bleaching properties. They lighten skin faster than the dermatological skin whitening products.Of all the citrus fruits, lemon juice and the calamansi juice are the most promising. These juices can reduce the production of melanin as well as reduce the pigmentation spots.

However, it should be noted that the citrus fruit juices be applied at the night as the juice can make the skin photosensitive.

Honey - Honey contains bleaching properties that reduce pigmentation. For this reason, honey is used as a treatments for scars and it also sooths and lessens the skin rashes.

Papaya - Papaya has been exclusively used for getting the glow skin since time immemorial. It can be used ripe and is very effective.

Raw Milk - The lactic acid present in the raw milk has been shown to help reduce the dark patches of the skin. It has been preferred because of its moisturizing benefits of the milk fats and for the gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating effects of the lactic acid.

These ingredients are cost-effective and harmless, but yes, one should have patience to see their effect in their skin.

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