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Skin Care » Skin and Hair Care Tips During Holi Festival

Holi is a festival of colors. Everyone wants to enjoy, get soaked and showered with colors. The consequences are not just dirty clothes and floors but damage happen to skin and hair also. This is due to the harmful and toxic chemical dyes that are being used as colors.

Here are few tips that can be followed to have a safe and joyful Holi.

Prepare user friendly color dyes at home with flowers and natural extracts of herbs. Grated beetroot or hibiscus flowers soaked in water over night for red/ pink color, haldi (turmeric) and besan (gram flour) for yellow, henna powder or green leafy vegetables paste for green, red sandalwood paste for crimson etc are colorful and at the same time good for your skin.

• Choose a dress that covers maximum of your body parts. 

• Apply castor oil or olive oil to hair in large amount. Do not use coconut oil as it gets absorbed into the scalp. Tie your hair up in a bun to avoid colors entering into the scalp.

• Use a moisturizer and a sunscreen to protect the skin. This will act as a barrier against color entering into the pores of the skin. Apply a foundation, if possible and also Vaseline for lips.

• Wear a dark nail coat to avoid discoloration of the nails. Remove the nail color after the play.

• After you are soaked and drenched in colors, what next? Wash the colors off using cold water. Scrub the skin gently and do not be harsh on it.

• Apply loads of warm mustard oil or coconut oil, and leave it for 20mins. This will help the pores to open up and the color gets washed out easily.

• Rinse the body with warm water mixed with few drops of lime. Lime has natural bleaching and whitening properties. Other choices of removing color stains are vinegar, curd, mustard oil, soap nut extract etc.

• After a shampoo wash, pour water with lemon drops through the entire length of the hair. Apply conditioner generously.

• For irritated skin or minor rashes, place an ice pack. If irritation persists, contact a dermatologist.

• Wash eyes with plenty of water. Artificial color dyes can cause a lot of serious eye problem.

• Apply moisturizer after bath. Postpone bleaching or facial at least for a week after Holi.

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