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Skin Care » Skin Care Tips for Swimmers

When we spend more time in water the protective layer of oil is washed away from our skin. Spending 1-2 hrs in water inhibits the oil from sebaceous gland to come out and make a protective coating over the skin. Taking a shower after swim further exacerbates your skin.

The following are some useful skin care tips for swimmers-

• Always shower before you swim, this will decrease the level of bacteria in the pool and reduces chlorine absorption.

• Use chlorine-out product eg. Triswim. Pools that use salt generators can create more problems since they produce chlorine back from salts.


• Keep body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

• Certain cosmetics when combines with chlorine can cause wrinkles or rashes, so choose properly.

• Use Protective Barriers like hats, sunglasses and to give extra protection for the skin in hot sun after swimming.

• Take vitamins and antioxidants regularly.

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