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Skin Care » Tanning: Indoor or Outdoor?

After you have finally decided to get tanned, there is one more factor very essential to be considered. You have to decide upon the better alternative option: whether to get tanned outdoor or indoors?

Earlier the only option available for the people who wanted to get tanned was to be baked under the sun i.e., outdoor tanning. One was required to spend hours under the sun in order to get that fashionable tanned body. But once the dangers of UV rays were recognized, other alternate method of indoor tanning came into being. This followed up to the controversial question as to which method was better and safe.

However, the method which offers protection against the dangers of the UV rays (indoor tanning) is always considered safe.

However there are ways to enjoy the outside sun and get tanned safely. In case of outdoor tanning, you can protect your body from the UV rays by applying a nice sunscreen lotion all over the body. The sunscreen used should have an SPF 15 or more.

Few tips that one should know about tanning:

• One of the benefits of indoor tanning over outdoor tanning is the ability to control the amount of UV light exposure.
• Falling asleep in the sun is the huge danger to the sun tanners. Indoor tanning salons avoid this problem with automatically timed sessions to keep you safe.
• You risk of getting burnt when tanning outdoors and this can lead to melanoma or skin cancer.
• In case of outdoor tanning, you should always use a good sunscreen and limit your exposure time to the sun.
• If you are taking prescription drugs, be aware that some drugs can cause you to burn twice as quickly as normal.
• There is less privacy outdoors than indoors.
• As weather forecast is only a prediction, indoor tanning beds are more reliable option when you want timely results for a special event.

Tanning, whether outdoor or indoor helps body get the essential Vitamin D, which is essential for the proper functioning of the muscles, bones and nerves. Besides these, limited amount of UV exposure give soothing effects from aches and pains, curing SAD and other skin related problems like acnes. It may also prove effective for rheumatism or arthritis.

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