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Skin Care » Tips to remove blackheads on nose

The dark colored spots in your face is referred to as Blackheads, this is not restricted to face but can appear all over the body. Because of its unpleasant and unaesthetic look, this has become a reason for stress and worry for youngsters.

The sebaceous gland produce sebum naturally, this can gets trapped in the pore which later turns dark in color due to its oxidation creating blackheads. Bacterial infection may develop in this area and this is the reason why extraction of blackheads by hands is not recommended since infection can spread.

The following are the tips to remove blackheads:

• Choose a facial product that suits your skin type because excess oils are the root cause of blackheads. If your skin type is oily it is best to avoid oil based products for skin.

• Washing your face with lukewarm water can help to maintain the oil level in your skin. Mild cleanser is recommended to remove dirt and the sebum accumulated in the skin pores.


• It is best to remove the dead skin off by using a mild scrub once in a week or two week.

• Steam can help open up the pores and simplified the work of blackhead extractor, which looks like a pencil with a hoop like shape at its end.

• Blackhead pore strips is a commonly used method to remove blackheads. The strip sticks to the blackhead which is extracted as the strip is taken off. This doesn’t pain a lot but there is no guarantee of removing all the blackheads.

• It is recommended to change your pillow covers frequent since the oil may get over your pillow cover.

• Always wash your face with a clean towel.

It is best to get advice from a cosmetologist, being well trained professionals they can help you to detect the root cause of blackheads and give a permanent relief without any skin damage.

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