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Weight Management » How to gain weight ?

The basic principle to put on weight is to take-in more calories. The following are the tips to gain weight in a healthy way.

Consume more calories: This requires some calculation. To perform day-to-day normal activity an average normal man requires 2,200 calories and an average woman requires 1,900 calories. With around 1000 extra calories one can increase by half a kilo a week.

What You Eat Matter: Dairy products, meat and egg are good sources of proteins and fats. Protein is necessary in good proposition to build new muscles. Other sources of proteins are beans, pulses and peas. Carbohydrate source rice, potatoes, tapioca adds to your weight in a considerable amount. Remember not to skip food.

Avoid Junk Food: It is always better to avoid overeating of junk foods, it may not be healthy. Eat high calorie snacks like milkshakes, pastries, muffins, yoghurt, dried fruits, bananas etc.

Drink fluid: Fresh fruit juices, milk shakes, flavored milk, energy drinks are high in nutrients and calories and have proved to be efficient.

Exercise: A regular workout is necessary. Aerobics does not help in weight gain. Free weight exercises will help to built muscle mass.

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