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Weight Management » Things To Be Taken Care While Measuring Weight

Have You ever find difference in your body weight both time when you check it twice in a day? If answer is YES, then some problem is there, You are not checking it in right way. Is there any right and wrong way? Answer is Yes there is a technique in measuring weight.

A few things must be kept in mind before we put ourselves on that scale:

• There is always fluctuation in weight because of various activities in a day like eating, water retention in the body, sweating, and sometime due to constipation, we can notice fluctuation of kilo or two, so we have to check weight morning time with empty stomach, it will provide you accurate weight.

• You will always find  a weight in  clothes what we used to wear  like pair of jeans is of 700gms,shirt is of 250g and so on, so clothes weight also contribute to overall body weight, if it is possible to use weighing scale at home in privacy ,without clothes, this will help you to give exact measurement.

• In some cases, even food stays longer in the body and digestion is slow and this will lead to weight difference.

• Some people have the tendency to retain water in their body, this includes both men and women. Due to this, their weight might be different during various times.

• For women during their menstrual period, their weight goes upto one and a half kilos. By the end of this period, weight will automatically comes down.

• Person with a sedentary lifestyle will find that his weight fluctuatation during travel or when they are exposed to high levels of heat and cold.

• Being on any sort of medication (antibiotics) can sometimes cause a bit of water retention, so if you measure your weight during this period You will always get difference in weight from actual. so it is better to avoid checking your weight during this course.

• Last but not the least, stress has the side effects of weight gain. So avoid taking stress as much as possible and remain happy.

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