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Weight Management » Tips to maintain low cholesterol level

Cholesterol is an important part of the cell membrane in all mammalian cells. It is a wax like steroid metabolite. This is highly essential in the production of steroid hormones, fat soluble vitamins and bile.

In general cholesterol is usually related to disease and is not something that is favored. But the truth is cholesterol is also an important ingredient in your daily nutrients it can’t be entirely neglected. Food with high amount of HDL must be preferred since it aids to protect from heart problems by extracting cholesterol from the walls in artery and sending them to liver for further metabolism. LDL is referred to as bad cholesterol gets its name because of its association with risk towards coronary heart disease.

 Follow the below tips and see a remarkable change in your cholesterol level :

• If you love eating Non-Veg, then go for white meat (poultry and fish) since they have low fat level and lessen red meat intake.

• Avoid fried foods and go for grilled ones. In grilled foods there won’t be any extra oil and the vitamins loss will be less. 

• Light cheese or skimmed milk has less saturated fat, so it helps maintain your LDL level in normal.

• Include dietary fiber (examples are oats, grain cereals, banana, etc) in your diet, this will lower cholesterol by eliminating the unwanted fats.

• Try to eat in restaurants that proved low fat foods. Try to have salads along with what ever you eat. This will keep high cholesterol food being consumed in fewer amounts.

• Exercising is the key to a healthy life. You don’t have to do tough ones, try walking, jogging, swimming or even cycling for around 30 mins. This will keep you active and fit. Try to do it everyday.

• Olive oil or canola oil is highly recommended even by physicians since it contains less cholesterol.

• Make sure that your snake items have very less cholesterol contents, just go through the label and nutrient content of the snack before buying them.

• Cut down your alcohol intake as one drink a day to maintain a low cholesterol level.

• Get some professional help from dieticians or a physician to help you design you routine and diet.

• Once you have restricted cholesterol level in you diet you will automatically lead a healthy life with no unnecessary weight gain.

• Soft drinks and other sweetened beverages need to be reduced.

• Include Salmon, Fish Oils and Flax seed in your diet since they are Omega 3 -rich foods.

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