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Weight Management » Weight-Loss Challenge: 10 tips to help you get fit

Some simple tricks which helps people to face Weight-Loss Challenge and lose 10 pounds in period of 10 weeks. Below you can find some usefull tips based on the latest research and advice from popular nutrition professionals.

• Keep a food diary which includes a list of the calories or carbohydrates including liquid calories. Make a note of your intake in a small notebook which helps you to list the calories you intake an d burn by exercising and then weight yourself regularly.

• Limit sugary beverages like soda and other drinks, go for lemon, cucumber or mint juice and 1%milk.

• Get plenty of sleep because it increases levels of a hunger hormone and decreases levels of a hormone that makes you feel full.

• Plan meals and snacks with plenty of fruits and vegetables also include 25% whole grains and 25% lean protein and low-fat dairy foods and make it a balanced diet, take plenty of salads.

• Diet hot-chocolate packets have only 25 calories and they are also known to be a good source of calcium,  Eat Your Way to Happiness. 

• It is best to get rid of the foods that may disrupt your weight loss if you cannot stop yourself from going for it constantly.

• Have a "reference pants" and hang them where you can see them too often. Once you can fit into that know your goal is achieved. These methods keep you from going away from track.

• Let your diet have a reasonable portion of meat or fish, a cup of cold cereal, a teaspoon of butter and some vegetables.

• If you are going to eat outside take atleast half cup salads along with your meal.

• Avoid hunger, it is always better to have a juice with less calories or some protein food like a bean or tune. They are good rescuers from hunger and won′t add much of calories. Not eating anything in the name of diet will not solve the problem.

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