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We all have heard from our elders that beauty brings out the women’s natural beauty. Though pregnancy brings out the natural beauty in women, the growing belly and the weight gain may be frustrating for many women. However, women should take this opportunity to enhance their beauty. They should take extra care during this period as there are lots of hormonal and physical changes going on inside their body. 

Below are few of the pregnant tips especially for the pregnant women:


• A pregnant women’s skin may become dry during the later stages of pregnancy and it may affect various areas of the body. To help combat this dryness try to stick with cool showers and baths and use mild gentle cleansers soaps and shower gels.

• For excessive dryness try using a natural skin scrub like a loofah or a soft facial brush.

• Keep showers and bath short and always follow with a good moisturizer.

• And always keep yourself well hydrated and toxin free by drinking plenty of water.


• Acne treatments, antibiotic creams and skin creams that contain vitamin A should not be used during pregnancy.

• Use a soft facial brush with a chemical free facial cleanser.

• Avoid using soaps on the face as they may contain emollients that can block the skin pores.

• If the skin becomes greasy during pregnancy, use blotting paper to soak up excess oils.


• A low maintenance hair style is a good idea during pregnancy.

• It is generally felt that coloring the hair during pregnancy is not good since the harsh color may penetrate the skin and cause harm. So it is best to avoid chemicals during pregnancy.

Being pregnant is such a lived treat. Even with all the inevitable aches, pains and various physical changes, the woman’s body seems beautiful. Because it performing a miracle. A pregnant woman should enjoy every moment of pregnancy and should not be afraid to feel beautiful as she flaunts the new baby belly.

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