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Different types of birth control methods are available for both men and women to avoid or prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are many factors such as, health, age, future, side effects etc,  that need to be taken into consideration before selecting the best method of birth control. Birth control method selection is a personal decision. All methods have their own pros and cons, so choose the best method. Here are few methods that can be adopted to prevent pregnancy.

Methods for Females

Contraceptive pills: Contraceptive pill is the most effective method to avoid pregnancy. These pills are to be taken on a daily basis, at a regular time. However this method cannot protect against STD (sexually transmitted disease).These pills are made of synthetic hormones.

Female condoms: These are made of flexible polyurethane that shields the womb. A woman may take some time to settle with this. The main drawback is that, it has chances of getting damaged. These are more expensive.

Intra uterine devices (T- copper): It is T shaped copper wire, inserted into the uterus. It needs a replacement for every 10 years. This method involves a clinician to insert and remove the device. This method is recommended for women above 30 years and who require spacing between children.

Emergency contraceptives (morning pill): This method is for those who had an unprotected sex. This pill should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. These pills are made of high dose of hormones to interrupt conception. This method is not recommended on daily basis.

Vaginal spermicide (foam, gel):
  It is an agent that kills the sperms. Though it is easy to buy and use, some develop allergic reaction towards those chemicals.

Tubal ligation: This is a permanent method to stop pregnancy. Tubal ligation prevents the egg to move from ovary to the fallopian tube for fertilization. This method requires surgery.

Male Contraceptive methods

Male condoms: These are rubber sheet that fit a penis. It does not allow the sperm to flow into the vagina. This method protects from STD.

Withdrawal (coitus interruptus):
The penis should be pulled out from the vagina before ejaculation. There is no protection from STD and requires much control from the male partner.

Vasectomy: This is a permanent method. The tube in which the sperm travels from the testicles is cut surgically.

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