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As any woman knows, a great pair of earrings will enhance the beauty of the wearer and attract the attention of admirers. But, certain styles of earrings are more suited to specific face shapes than others. Looks can be enhanced to a great extent with the right type of earrings.

Here are a few helpful guide lines that will let you choose the style of earrings to make you look your best and make people look at you twice!

Round face: The main feature of a round face is the circular shape that is as wide as it is long and is usually characterized with a round chin.

Earrings with lean, long and angular curved lines can be the perfect choice because it helps in elongating a round face. Drop earrings in dangles, ovals and oblongs can also be worn. Even an angular stud earring will look good on a round face. Make sure that you steer clear of small studs and hoops. Always avoid wearing chunky large earrings.

Oval face: The main feature of an oval face is the forehead which is usually wider as compared to the chin. The hairline is gently rounded and the approximate length is equal to one and a half times width.

For an oval face, earrings with soft shapes like studs, ovals and teardrops will look good. People with a face shape like this can wear almost any design. You can always do some experiment with different styles and decide what looks good on your face.

Heart shaped face: Heart shaped faces are usually narrow at the jaw line and wide at the forehead or cheekbone. It is very much similar to an oval face but below the cheekbones it is narrower due to which the chin looks more pointed.

For such facial shapes, wear earrings with a wide bottom. Earrings that have a soft curve like ovals or teardrops can also be tried. Pyramid style earring can work best on such face shape because it is wide at the bottom. Always avoid wearing earrings that are heart shaped.

Diamond face: The main features of a diamond shaped face are broad and strong forehead with square hairline and angular jaw. Such faces are wide at the cheeks but narrow at the forehead and chin.

For diamond shaped faces, wear earrings that are less in length and more in width. A straight line and curves combination will work best. Studs and small drop earrings can also be tried out.

Oblong face: An oblong face is very much similar to a square face but it is longer and not very wide.

Simple studs and chandelier style earrings look very good on an oblong face. However, angular and long earrings must be avoided.
Square face: The main features of a square face are broad and strong forehead, square hairline and angular jaw. Earrings with a round and angular edge will work best because it will help in softening a square face. For square face, avoid wearing angular style, large earrings so that your face doesn’t look wider. Instead wear hoops and medium to long styles.

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