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Women Health » Effective ways to fight depression in women

It is found that women are prone to depression more often than men. This may be due to the cyclic hormonal imbalance, baby blues, menopause period, during pregnancy, etc. This period of depression leads to mood swings like irritability, anxious, tiredness, hopeless, discouraged, annoyed, isolated and lonely.

Find time to exercise: Exercise helps to release stress. It helps blood circulation and makes you feel better.

Stay calm: Relax and meditate on something that makes you feel happy. 

Get some sun: Vitamin D is very essential for a feel good mood. Therefore an early morning walk or an evening stroll will benefit.

Drink water/fluids:
Drink plenty of water or fresh juices. This will relieve you from tiredness and refreshes the body. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they may accelerate mood swings.

Keep yourself busy: Cultivate reading books, socializing with people, joining a social organization etc. Be occupied and built up your hobbies like cooking, gardening, painting, sewing etc.

Talk to someone you like:
  Open up your feelings to someone whom you trust. They will understand your feelings and will help you out.

Avoid spending long time alone: Spend time with your family, friends and children. Make new friends if old ones are too busy. Make new changes in life that will keep you ignited. Be positive in your approaches.

Do not underestimate yourself: Do not bother about how you look or what others may think about you. Accept your body as it is. Be affirmative and think positive. Accept the fact that your body is undergoing some changes and will take time to subside to normal.

Food: Keep a check on your diet. Choose foods that enhance your mood and fights against depression. Avoid too much of junk foods. Treat yourself with chocolates, ice creams, fruits, fish, nuts etc once in a while.

Get sleep: Try to get sufficient sleep. Sleeplessness may cause the body to lose energy and ends up tired. A good rest will rejuvenate your body, mind and health.

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