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Women Health » Effects of High Heels on the Body

It has been a common myth that wearing high heels adds to a person’s personality and her social status.

An expert has claimed that in their attempt to look gorgeous and attractive, women actually risk their fertility, as these heeled foot wears can affect their internal organs in a condition which is commonly known as visceroptosis.

If people really value their health, it is best to avoid these killer heels at all costs. They're not worth the risk.

Most important are the potential problems that wearing high heels can cause in relation to fertility, menstrual cycles and abdominal functions.  When wearing high-heels, the pressure on the front of the foot causes one to compensate by excessive forward tilting of the pelvis.  If left unchecked, this can lead to menstrual dysfunction and increases in period pains as well as affecting the ability to conceive.

Most women are intimately aware that the prolonged wearing of even moderate heels can cause foot, ankle and knee problems and lead to back pain.  But it's not just about the feet; it affects every single function in every joint and muscle throughout the body and can seriously affect the health of women who insist on wearing them.

The forward tilting of the pelvis allows the abdominal contents to spill forward.  In doing so, they compress internal organs in a condition which is medically known as visceroptosis.

It doesn't stop there - neck, back, shoulder pain, stress headaches and even premature hair loss can definitely find a permanent place in the body, as a result of ignoring the way your body is designed to work.

Therefore, it is always a wise advice to think twice before walking down the street in towering footwear, as in an attempt to add a few inches to the height, one may harm her chances of having a baby.

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