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 Feet are part of the body that is neglected by most of us. A person’s hygiene can be found out by looking at his feet. Therefore, good health of feet depicts one’s personality. Foot care is simple and easy. It not only keeps the feet clean but also a stress reliever. Here are few tips that can help to maintain healthy feet.

• Soak feet regularly in lukewarm water. Use a pumice stone or foot scrub to remove dead and rough skin. These dead skin if left unattended, become thick and cracks, leading to infections.

• Feet are a place where the nerve endings are pooled up. Therefore a good massage to the feet relaxes the whole body.

• The soles of the feet lack oil glands, so apply a moisturizer very night in regular basis. This nourishes the skin and keeps it fresh. Do not apply cream in between toes.

• Choose shoes of right size. Preferred time to buy shoes is later in a day. That is the time when feet are a bit swollen. Shoes that are comfortable at that time are the right choice.

• Make sure the feet are dry before wearing a socks or shoes. Apply a sun screen if you are wearing sandals.

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