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Women Health » High Heels- Pros and Corns

Wearing high heels by women has become a fashion across the globe. It reflects a woman’s charm, confidence, glam and style. No doubt, high heels boost confidence in women, but they have disadvantages too. Here are few advantages and disadvantages of wearing high heels.

Advantages of high heels:

• Legs look more attractive with a slim appearance.

• High heels shape the calf muscles of the leg, giving a glamorous long look.

• Studies have proved that high heels improve pelvic floor muscles, aiding in its contraction and strength.

• High heels improve the height of a woman. This makes the woman to appear tall and attractive.

• It enhances the personality of a woman. Women appear more confident in high heels. 


Disadvantages of high heels:

• Regular use of high heels may disfigure the shape of the leg. The body’s overall posture is at risk.

• High heels put  lot of pressure on the feet.

• There are chances of having unexpected leg, ankle or foot injury and fractures.

• High heels inflict problem to knee joints. It damages the bone to a high extent.

• Wearing high heels for a long period of time may cause muscle aches, hammer toes, prinking pains on toe, nerve problems, blisters on feet and foot callus.

• Frequent use of high heels leads to hip and back pains.

• Walking with high heels need style. If you don’t walk in the right manner, you may find yourself on the ground.

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